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To enrich our youth through cultural music and arts.

Our Vision

To foster the enrichment of youth by encouraging awareness and appreciation of cultural music, visual and performing arts, education, literacy, and support community events and programs for youth.

Folklórico is a unique art that has been pivotal in enriching the public as well as the artists with knowledge about the culture of various states and regions within Mexico. With time, artists become knowledgeable at identifying music, lyrics, choreography, and costumes with their birth regions.


Our Purpose

It is essential to familiarize youth with their culture, and it is crucial to do so in a manner that allows each participant to benefit equally from the opportunities provided. Youth performing arts are an excellent way of spreading awareness about cultures, not just amongst participants but also viewers.

Music and arts programs incorporate various performance opportunities that enable students to build confidence and fight stage fright. Dancing in public allows students to develop creativity and fight internal fears to express themselves freely, thereby promoting overall development. That apart, dancing also improves coordination by inciting participants to channel their energy to focus on only one thing -- dancing. The art of dancing requires participants to follow each step and perform it to sync with the group. This critical requirement is pivotal in building focus in participants. It is our observation that today's youth has their attention around social media and video games, however the program introduces outside recreational activities to help them become more centered and focused in life. More importantly, folklórico, or traditional Mexican folk dances, requires participants to work in close coordination with their cohort, week after week, thereby allowing students to work on their social skills and often develop lifelong friendships in the process. Then there are also the health benefits of dancing. With obesity becoming pandemic, dancing makes a fun way to stay healthy and learn discipline from an early age. Folklórico is also known to improve strength, endurance, and overall health.

Folklórico is a unique art that has been pivotal in enriching the public as well as the dancers with knowledge about the culture of various states and regions within Mexico as well as neighboring countries. With time, dancers become adept at identifying music, footwork, and costumes with their birth regions. During the program, attempting to understand lyrics, dancers also develop familiarity with the Spanish language.

The foundation is geared to keep the costs as low as possible for students and parents. It, therefore, accepts funds for rents and costumes. Costumes used in folklórico are expensive. The foundation, therefore, plans to start several different fundraising events and projects to support its youth programs. The first project the foundation plans to undertake is Ballet Folklórico Del Lago, and through this project, the foundation aims to spread cultural awareness in Woodlake. To make the project affordable to participating students, the foundation is open to accepting funding for costumes and other necessities. The foundation is also committed to helping other organizations committed to the goal of promoting cultural awareness in whatever ways possible.

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